Jewel Legends: Magical Kingdom App Reviews

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no download

Like the game but when I purchased the Full Download I recieved a receipt e-mail but am unable to get full game to download even with Apple Support. So basically I through away $5 bucks and do not get to play the game. Too bad, this was something I would have liked to play.

can not but this

Tried to buy this app a few times… will not let me do it even after I uninstalled it!

jewel Legends; Magical Kingdom

Hi Yea, Like the 2 others I tried to Un-lock game for purchase of rest of the game. at $ 4.99. I was unable to Un-Lock game. Help!!!! I have had this issue with other games. What is up with this you all?? We like a game , then are unable to access, and purchase game. Come on and help us to continue playing.

Why can't I purchase the full version?

I was ready to buy the full version but, as stated by the only other reviewer, I cannot select the in-app purchase button and am unable to buy this directly from the App Store. It would be great if this was fixed as I do enjoy the game. Hopefully either the game creators or those in charge of the App Store purchases will see this.

Quite Entertaining..

I was all ready to pony up the 5 bones to unlock the rest of the game, but can't seem to figure that out. The In-App purchase button doesn't do anything and the website for the support still says "Coming Soon". It is a very visually pleasing game layout. My only critique would be the oversized cursor, but I understand the reasoning behind it.

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